Vision Inspection

We offer our clients with a Vision Inspection System with quality construction that is coupled with precision engineering with unique camera based inspection station for visual inspection, measurement and generation of CAD drawings which result in video optics that are sharp, high-resolution and optically precise. High precision imported Cross Roller and L.M. Guides are also installed for higher accuracy and repeatability of the work stage. Our system are also provided with graphical user interface and full geometric functions that brings the capability to produce component drawings file in AutoCAD format by using the measured co ordinates.  

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Applications Electronics Manufacturing, Plastic Manufacturing, Cracks & Failure Analysis
 Key Features High resolution Camera Optics. Uniform and controllable LED light setup, Easy to use geometric measurement software.
Maximum Load Capacity 12.00 Kilograms
Power Source 110VAC (50/60HZ) ; 220 VAC (50/60HZ)
Magnification 20x to 40x, in 5 steps, magnifications can be decreased to 10x or increased upto 280x by use of auxiliary lenses
Measuring Range 250 x 175mm, with quick release in both x,y axes
Profile Light 9 segment led light source
Surface Light 64 segment programmable, rotating ring light enables correct lighting conditions for all applications
Motorized Traverse Optional
Digital Read-Out Yes
Linear Encoders Resolution 0.001mm/0.005mm/0.0005mm Options Available with DRO
Display Two 19 inch Icd flat screen monitors, one for the image, the other for tracing of parts to cad and display of measured results/ reports
Inspection Tools Scanning of irregular features, mouse point, edge tools like circle, arc point, length, tangential, peak poine, thread profile and cross hair for use like a profile projector, cross hair rotates for angle measurement on screen