Co-Ordinate Measuring Machines

Co ordinate machines1For very challenging measurement tasks and the highest precision in quality and process control, the Metrologik Alpha coordinate measuring machine has been designed with extremely accurate probing. The high accuracy of the Metrologik Alpha makes it possible, in the production, to make the correct decisions and to keep the cost of producing parts at a minimum. A high parts throughput is achieved from the dynamic single-point probing and the serial High-Speed-Scanning (HSS) of known and unknown contours. The Metrologik Alpha carries out any measurement task with the highest precision regardless of whether on prismatic workpieces or parts with highly complex geometries – such as cylindrical or globoid stepping gears. In particular, part measurements with very close tolerances require a coordinate measuring machine like the Metrologik Alpha for the highest precision. 

Co ordinate machines2 Applications Plastic Manufacturing, Metal Manufacturing, Aerospace Industries, Automotive Manufacturing, Consumer Electronic Industries and various more.
 Key Features High Accuracy Linear Encoders from Renishaw and Heidenhain with automatic temprature compensation, Guiding Systems with pre-stressed Air Bearings, Granite Table with integrated dove-tail guiddeways, Various options for probing systems. Low- Cost Option available.
Maximum Load Capacity ~1000 Kilograms
Control Manual DCC/CNC with Renishaw UCC Control System. (Other options available)
Structure Granite Base, Granite X-Arm and Granite Z-Axis
Software Compatible With almost any CMM Software, Such as Axel, PC-DMIS
Stroke X-700 Y-1320 Z-670
Working Temp. Calibrated at 20 degree celsium
Probing System Renishaw MH20i, PH10T (M), and various other options available
Accuracy MPEE= from 0.9 + L/400